Professional Termite Control Service in Oklahoma City OK

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A Professional Pest Exterminating Service for All Your Needs

Professional Termite Control Service

Professional Termite Control Service

Do you need to turn to a reputable company that offers pest control services in Oklahoma City, OK? Maybe you require affordable termite control? In either case, Affordable Termite & Pest Control is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to receive viable solutions for every possible situation. Do not hesitate to call us!

Reliable Termite Extermination in Oklahoma City, OK

Our Services

We provide reliable and affordable pest control services for clients who need a solution for their situation. Our expertise allows us to handle situations with termites, other insects, rodents, and pestilent animals of other types. We will handle everything, from the inspection and treatment to presenting you with prevention options.

Affordable Pest Control in Oklahoma City, OK

What Do We Do?

We can inspect your property in a timely manner, and based on our results, our professionals will offer you an estimate of our work. Upon noticing any signs of pestilent insects, rodents, termites, or other animals, we will present you with your options and the solutions we can offer. Expect us to use methods that are specific to the nature of your situation and effective products of the highest quality. Choose our professional pest exterminating service, and get excellent results!

Affordable Termite Control in Oklahoma City, OK

Why Hire Us?

Whether you need a professional termite control service or you are having trouble with other insects, we are the company that will take care of your situation. In business since 1971, Affordable Termite & Pest Control works at competitive rates and will impress you with its efficiency and results. Contact us for more information about our specials and rates!

Professional Termite Control Service in Oklahoma City, OK

If you are located in Oklahoma City, OK, and you want a reliable service for your pest problems, our crew is ready to respond anytime. Call us today to learn more!

Client’s Testimonial

No scare tactics or hard sell

Affordable Termite & Pest Control is a great company and Bob is a great guy too. Years ago I encountered some of the same issues that others have stated when searching for a termite/pest control company, hard sell, scare tactics and unending phone calls. I had never used pest control services, Affordable Termite & Pest Control came to my rescue and for several years, his company is the only company I’ve ever used. He explains what services he can supply without scare tactics, or pressuring to make a decision. After my first treatment, I discovered an issue and after I contacted Bob, he came right back to deal with my concern; he didn’t say I’ll reschedule you for a couple of weeks from now. On another occasion, issues arose that would not allow him to come at the scheduled time, we accommodated each other’s concerns, and Bob delivered another outstanding service. Call Affordable Termite & Pest Control (405-703-1925); you will call him again and again.

قصي سكريه
قصي سكريه
I recently used Professional Termite Control Service in Oklahoma City, OK and was extremely impressed with the level of service I received from Bob Rogers. He was knowledgeable, efficient and took the time to explain the process to me. The treatment was done promptly and effectively, and I have not had any issues since. I would highly recommend this company and Bob to anyone in need of termite control services
Tina Gallaway
Tina Gallaway
I’m a property manager and I met Bob after a building had a termite problem and 2 other companies quoted $5,000-8,000 to treat them. I found Bob while sitting next to his truck at a red light and calling the number. He came out and determined they were eating on dead tree roots around the building. They had surfaced inside the building through a small crack in the slab and it was the time of year that they swarm. He did a treatment under $1,000, that was 15+ years ago, and we have never had another termite problem. He is honest, knowledgeable, and won’t use scare tactics to create a huge bill. If you need pest control give them a try, and make sure you have the right company, as other people have mimicked his name to cash in on his reputation. Just make sure Bob Rogers is the owner.
Richard Walter
Richard Walter
Good termite control service in Affordable price than others I recommend to you 100% and satisfaction.

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